How Many Pepperdiners Does it Take to Make A Reunion?

I’m just laughing as I write this title. It is a very apropos question as I just went down to my 10 year college reunion this past weekend, and the number of graduates that we projected would attend and the actual number that showed up were WORLD’S apart.

But I’ll let you mull on that question of trickery while I describe my weekend of reunion.

I had planned to drive down to LA to see my homies as just a nice break a few months after the wedding, and remind them how awesome I really am and how much I adore them. Easy Peasy. Something I hadn’t accounted for was having to make the drive down to LA as the solo driver, a task I had not done since…Jesus, maybe since I was IN Pepperdine. I bounced from work at 12, swung through the glorious Redwood City (heavvvvy sarcasim here) and grabbed my dinner date from the previous Tuesday who had decided to join. Together, we power housed down the 5 freeway at a 95 mile an hour clip, arriving in LA at 5:50PM like a boss! I was so proud of my driving prowess that I had to have a few glasses of wine to celebrate.

Luckily, one thing that my friends can do is COOK and my god did they give me a lovely meal to go with my endless glasses of vino. The Johnson’s threw a fantastic dinner party where we all gathered together, ate roasted vegetables, stuffed chicken breast, and pumpkin pie. The noise volume began to rise, the baseball game blared in the back ground, and all one could hear was laughing, hollering, high fiving, and chatter.

*le sigh*

Well, it just so happened to turn out that the weekend we had planned to get together was also the weekend of our 10 year college reunion, and feeling nostalgic, we decided we would attend the meet and greet and then get the heck out of dodge to just see who we could see.

And so…I showered.

And if that doesn’t tell you how much I wanted to impress these people, I don’t know what else to say.

I not only showered, I did my hair, makeup, wore the HOTTEST outfit I had brought, and prepared myself mentally (no, not with alcohol) to fake smile it up and try to remember the names of folks that I didn’t want to remember.

Enroute to the reunion, we swung into the Malibu, Getty Museum, and walked around the GORGEOUS grounds for an hour, enjoying the 80 degree weather, perfect blue skies, and landscaping to live for. It was stunning. When Malibu is gorgeous, there is NO better place to be. In fact, it almost put us all in a good mood, ready and excited for “OMG!!! Is that you, Carl?!?! TRI DELTS FOR LIFE!!! let’s hug!”

With butterflies in my stomach, we stepped into the hot new restaurant in Malibu and met with…exactly the same people we had been dining with the night before, with the addition of 4 others.

And there you have it folks, our college reunion.

I almost died laughing. We all sat together again 12 hours later, ordered lunch, drank margaritas, and played with the Pepperdine alum babies for another couple of hours, and

That was all of it.

Can you believe that? Probably the most pleasant and unexpected reunion I’ve ever been to, actually spent it with the friends I always want to have from Pepperdine, finally fell in love with Malibu, and then SHAMED myself for not appreciating this most amazing location WHEN I LIVED THERE. God, I’m so lame.

We walked around campus, looked at the new and old. Took pictures, bought t-shirts, and then went home to watch baseball. I could not have been more satisfied. This year I got married on my 15 year HS reunion and made it to my 10 year at college with all my actual friends.

I ended the trip with a brunch and bottomless mimosas (which I did NOT partake- remember, solo driver), say more friends that I love, watched the Niners with my HomeGirls, and then drove home. Made it home again in 6 hours, thanks to my lead foot and red bull intake, and felt all the more proud of myself for facing a fear, realizing how stupid being scared of things can be, and then moving on.

Looks like this little girl is growing up.















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  1. This almost made me cry. Your mom On Oct 15, 2012, at 3:31 PM, I can only be who I am…The Diary of an International Superhero wrote:

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