It All Started With A Wedding

People, something has happened to me which I can’t say has been life changing per se, but eye opening, heart filling, and G-damned exciting. And I can never go back to the way of life I’ve known before.


For our wedding, my sister and her family got us a gift to really end most gifts. It’s like they tapped into the collective “vein” of R and myself and saw gold. Well, they actually saw RED & GOLD, to be exact. And in that theme of that discovery, we were presented with two tickets to the San Francisco Forty Niners…ROW 2…IN THE FREAKING END ZONE.

I could die.

Or cry.

I did the latter.

So, with all the bells and whistles one can put on, Roy picked me up from work where I had created the world’s most WICKED double sided sign to show my boys that I could be there number #2,174 fan EVER. One side was a focal point for Mr. Vernon Davis, wide receiver, #85 who tends to make touch downs and then jump into the crowd for an appreciation hug.

I wanted to give him the exact spot where he should jump…my open arms. Done.

I will call myself “Vernon’s End Zone” from now on.

But then to be fair to the TV watching masses, everyone loves love and that’s what I gave them. Showing “SF 49ers Newlyweds”, I made sure every time the camera panned to us, we would hold up the sign and kiss…just in case we made the jumbo tron or National television. We both a fairly attractive couple so I don’t see why we wouldn’t become the poster couple to the Nation’s BEST Football team.

But I digress.

Before the posters could make their impact on the world, and Mr. Davis, we arrived at my beloved (but so decrypted. Seriously, our stadium is the ghetto of the NFL, which lives appropriately in the hood of San Fran) Candlestick Park and walked down to the LOWER LEVEL as the National Anthem graced my ready ears.
*side note: I love our Star Spangled Banner. It’s my shower go-to song.
And as Roy and I descended the stairs, lower and lower, I swear to David Akers, I could SMELL the grass. And my goodness, did it smell sweet.
We were in a location where if the winning touchdown was caught, I could grasp the sweat of exersion RIGHT OUT OF THE AIR, that’s how close we were. And I could NOT stop screaming. And people, this is BEFORE the game even started. But I was there, with my husband, on our two month anniversary (YAY! We made it!), being with the team we love most, and being so close that when I saw Jim Harbaugh I started bawling.


The game was against the talented Seattle Seahawks, but you wouldn’t have know it because of the 60,000 fans all wearing red top to toe, waving their red pompoms, and screaming with the force of 300, AHHHH OOOOO, AHHHHH OOOOOO, AHHHHHH OOOOOOO!!!! It was blessed.

The Niners won the game (thank god) 12-6, but there were some nervewracking scenes like when our QB Alex Smith, The Phoenix, threw an interception right in our faces. I’m not going to lie, I cursed him. But with the help of my closest 50 fans in our row, we cheered him on to a win. I had to give it up to #21, Frank Gore, THE ANIMAL, who is so scary and good that I wished I had made him his own sign.
The night was made on the way our of Candlestick when Roy and I were lucky enough to exit via the field and my beloved husband reached down and gave me the greatest gift a man can give to his wife…blades of grass from the field. The 49er field in Candlestick park.

I wanted to die.

But rather, I danced and sang my way back to our car with the knowledge that I’ll hold that evening in my mind’s eye forever. It truly was an amazing life moment and I’m so grateful for such a wonderful gift.

I’ll tell you this though, I’ll sell myself on the streets from here on out to never have to sit in nose bleeds again.

A whore maybe, but a Faithful Forty Niner for sure.











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