Meet Florence!


Meet Florence Mason who was born at 4.45am this morning. She’s a right fatty at 7 pounds 8 ounces (her Mom’s words, not mine!) Momma, Pop, Florence,and Grandparents are all doing well. A looooooooong labour but our little Thumper is such a trooper and we couldn’t be more excited or proud of her daughter (weird to say daughter!).

A new little girl!!! Yay!!!

When I met Danielle at 17, she was a sweet, somewhat innocent, determined young lady. Over the years, we convinced her to drink beer and gin, dance on bar tops, and follow her heart. Now she’s a momma, a wife, bar/restaurant/home owner, SHE CAN DRIVE A VEHICLE, and pretty much tackles any idea, project, desire she has. She’s beyond amazing.

Our little girl has a little girl. Oh my.

Congratulations to Jaime and Dans!
See y’all at Crimbo.


2 thoughts on “Meet Florence!

  1. wonderful. On Nov 5, 2012, at 8:11 AM, I can only be who I am…The Diary of an International Superhero wrote:

    > >


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