Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

It’s been a monumental year all the way up until yesterday when we added yet one more milestone to the Baker Gio list o’achievements; ROY GOT HIRED AS A FULL TIME TEACHER!!!

I mean, this is BIG. Like Super Duper Big. To have studied and slaved SO hard through a credential program, to then substitute for different schools all over the Bay Area teaching a range of subjects from PE to Special Ed, to land a long term subbing gig because the previous teacher liked you and wanted you to have a chance to be successful, and then to GET OFFFERED THE JOB WITH A FREAKING SALARY…well, holy shit, it’s big time.

Honestly, I was more excited about hearing that Roy had gotten a new job than I was about finding out I had been offered my own new gig. I straight up started crying, announced it to my cubicle family, and then accepted all kinds of congratulations on Roy’s behalf (I’m oh so gracious, I want you to know) just beaming with pride.

But this truly is life changing. No one wants to be our age and have no money, direction, or hutzpah. Being successful in some manner is the cat’s meow and a necessity to feeling like your purpose in life is right and true. Roy was, is, and will be always meant for teaching. He’s amazing in the way he interacts with his students and represents some factor in each of his students’ lives.

My pride is overwhelming and my desire for a bursting savings account, tickets to foreign destinations aplenty, and good food and drinks also lurks just behind my sentimentality. Here’s to Roy, the new man on campus…literally.

This year I’ve run a half marathon, got married, made super new friends, lost our little apricot, and both got new jobs…wowza, what on earth could 2013 bring?!?!?

Congratulations to Gerald B. and Katie St., as well, both of whom are rocking the new jobs. A big Hooo Raaaa to Dandy and Madu for bringing a beautiful new Natalie and Florence into the world. Here’s to KK and family getting back into their home sometime soon, and good luck to my nephew who has joined the AirForce.

Did I miss anyone?….I’ll save that for a NYE post.

Much Love. Xxxxx


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