My Truth in Life

“Travelers are a different breed of people. They are musicians, artist, semi pro snowboarders and surfers. Writers, archery masters, and sometimes nudists.

Getting robbed is nothing but an inconvenience or a reason to just stay put in a city for a while longer and injuries are simply conversation starters into a good story.

Cliffs are there to be jumped off of.

Your poor physical appearance is nothing a few beers and a dip in the pool can’t fix.

The sentence “I have a private room” is the sexiest thing a traveler can say to another.

They run out of fires to dive into tidal waves. Know more languages then number of countries most have visited. (unless you are me who only communicates through English and dance.)

Some people save their money to spend on a nice house, car, or their retirement. Travelers spend everything they have on experience, the now, the present. Sacrificing stability, possessions, relationships and financial security to invest in living, laughing, dancing, sweating, learning, searching, and discovering the world and themselves.

A lot of travelers are considered unique in some way at home or others wild. So what a wild experience to get unique people from all over the world into one room where all of the sudden these individuals who are a different breed at home are now in a community of like minded people.

The traveling world is a community of its own. A family away from family.

Everyone and everything is accepted, and you are friends with everyone in the room by just walking through the door. Which is the hard part of travel.

It isn’t the cold showers or sleeping on uncomfortable beds in a room with 10 other people. The bug bites, lack of cleanliness, or crowded buses. It is when it comes time to say good bye to these people you meet. People who have loved you for just being yourself, inspired you to make happy decisions, shared an experience with you that no one else can quite understand without being there.

I’m having a hard time saying bye to people that I know I may not ever see again… but happy that I was lucky to meet you.”






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