I Eat TASTY Green Grass

I know you’re all waiting for the other shoe to fall…I would too if I were friends with me. It’s how I roll. I complain and bitch about something enough, FINALLY CHANGE IT, and then find enough fault in it over time that I’m back to complaining about it.

So, with that knowledge, I’ll say this…10 days into my new job and I’m STILL so happy. YAY!!! GREEN GRASS TASTES LIKE MONEY!!!

But what can be so different from one job to the next, when the work is still the same?

The angle.

Everything that has changed is because the angle of view has shifted radically and it has made all the difference in the world.

First and foremost, I’m an “academic” which really just translates into I like to learn. Like, a lot. I love studying hard, participating in “class”, and getting recognition for trying and being smart (YAY!!!).

So, getting to my new job, you can imagine both how surprised and ecstatic I was to learn that for the first 6 months, which is my probationary period, I have an OUTLINE of TRAINING COURSES that I must complete, where I am tested at the one month, three month, and six month end periods to see how well I’m retaining the information.

TRAINING!!! Like where they actually expect me to know something because it was taught to me, not just because it’s a task we do and therefore I should know it by osmosis. I never did that too well at my previous job. Like I said, I like to LEARN and I like it to be as structured as possible.

Not to mention that everyone I work for seems REAL, and also kind, all hard workers, who appreciate my humor and seem to like me as an employee and also a person. My first day, I was making a joke with two of my supervisors who were going over my activities for the day, commenting that I will meet the entire team later in the afternoon. I responded, “Well, it better be during my party and there better be cake!” I laughed. They looked perplexed.

“How did you know we were having a party? Did someone tell you already we brought cake? That’s bizarre…”

I thought they got the game, so I continued.

“Um yah, well I obviously just assumed you’d have a party and cake, and I’m really hoping for a conga line too.”

(Pause, confusion)…they ask again….

“But seriously, did someone tell you about the party and cake? Because usually we like to surprise the new staff, so I’m just curious who told you so I can talk to them…”

Then I knew they weren’t kidding. There was going to be a party. With cake. How f-ing embarrassing.

I came clean. I didn’t know about the cake and party. I was sorry. It’s my sad sense of humor…forgive me.

And then they burst out laughing. They got it. And then we all laughed while I comically wiped my forehead coated in imaginary sweat.

All ok!!! I could be sarcastic and no one thought I was being rude or unprofessional. What a relief to be able to act like myself. You don’t know how hard it is to be someone else than when you’re doing just that.

As well, I can wear what I like, although I choose to represent myself in the best dress as possible. It’s the old phrase, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. But it is nice to know that if I want to wear jeans and hoodie every day, I can.

I can listen to music in any way I choose. If music motivates me, listen to it. WEAR HEADPHONES, if it makes it better. And once I learned that my cube sister talks to herself all day long, which is hilarious on its own right, I love third person banter with one’s own self, it is almost imperative to wear earphones to block that shiz out. BAM! Radiohead to Beethoven, jamming my soul to heaven and back!

Check in meetings. This is also a new one for me. Before, there could be days where my manager didn’t communicate with me. Not a hello, how are you doing, any frustrations or successes, can I helps. When I came back to work after we lost Rusty, I would cry at my desk for days and was not asked once by my Manager or Vice-manager (what are these people actually called? It can’t be vice manager…) if I was ok.

Obviously I haven’t gotten over that one.

But here, I have daily meetings for the first two months with my team lead, weekly meetings with my supervisor, and even with those scheduled convos, I still get people poking their head in daily just to say hi or how’s everything going. It’s amazing.And they all do hard work and appreciate hard work, so the "get ’em tiger" mentality is refreshing.

My hours are “get here, do your work and go home”. That’s it. No one is monitoring me to the hour and minute I step in until the time I leave. Which means that I can come in when I want, have a good gym session at the 9 million gyms and pools over campus, and then do my work and go home when it’s done. Dun and Done. I’m sure there will be many days where staying late will have to happen to meet the crazy deadlines that these grants are subject to, but leaving the office at 4 because I can and are encouraged to do so is also so freaking liberating.

So in summary, people here are nice, there is a training manual to follow, I have supportive management, I can wear what I want, listen to what I want, come and go when I want, crazy amazing gyms….so far, so good.

And what I like best in the end? Change.

It feels so good to change it up. No fear here, just excitement and a willingness to do/be great. Reminds me of me.









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