It’s Always Hot In Fiji

That’s a true statement actually. We happened to be there for the hot WET season, but it’s only the wet that changes throughout the year, that and the humidity. Otherwise, it’s hot in Fiji 24/7, making it perfect for a honeymoon…or does it??

Firstly, Fiji IS paradise, there’s no getting around it. This is the type of place that has something for almost everyone. We happened to be on a package deal, arriving with a couple of (cougar) ladies, who left a few minutes before us to travel the 2 hours around the island to our resort. When Roy and I rocked up, we could see immediately that we were near NOTHING and the resort was really a small, 30 room hotel with a few activites, one restaurant, one computer, and island power issues. About 2 minutes after we got there, the power went out while the ladies were on the computer, and that was it for them. They bounced the two hours BACK to Nadi where there were HardRock hotels, clubs, bars, etc. As for Roy and I, we were excited to see an egg tossing contest at 2PM.

Simple pleasures.

Fiji really reminds me of Hawaii, maybe 50-100 years earlier. Not much spoiling the landscape, people who live in proper villages, all stilt houses with mats on the ground, hand painted tribal drawings on the walls, and that’s about all. No real touristy traps, no theme parks, just the sun, sea, and sand. It was BEYOND stunning…and of course, we didn’t bring a camera, so the iPhone pictures were the best we could do.

But more than how beautiful Fiji was to observe, I was really touched by the sheer and overwhelming kindness of the locals. The women are Gor-gor-gorgoeus, all sporting tight, short afros and a smile bigger than MINE. The fellas are affable, and look amazing in their traditional Sulus, which look like long kilts. Apparently you’re a HO if you show your knees, so for ladies and dudes, it’s all about the long skirt. Show off our shoulders, ta-tas, elbows, ankles, WHATEVER. Just do NOT show your knees!!

We visited two villages, danced with the tribes, sang customary songs, toured a school, and drank a horrible mess of mud water called CAVA, which has a slightly numbing effect on the mouth. Native Fijians do not drink alcohol, so this is their “Happy Hour”, where they can be together and celebrate events with this special drink. Roy happened to be our “Chief” for the two ceremonies we participated in, and was a champ taking the coconut bowl every time it was offered to him. I had to bow out after a while because the taste of mud was becoming too real, too gross.

However, there were some…hiccups which kept it real for Baker Boy and I.

MOSQUITOS!! If you’re of sweet blood….I’m sorry. So, so sorry. I left with more mozzie bites than could be counted and no matter how much “kill your fetus” strength deet spray I coated over my body, there was a mozzie that could find its way in to bite you, bite you and bite you again. Then there was the crazy hot sun, which only gets to you after a few days. Suddenly, you’re craving French Fries, chips, a f-ing SALT LICK just as a reminder you that you’re losing water every second and you MUST drink more than just booze (after I got a short bout of heat stroke, I didn’t mess with the sun no more. It be the boss). Finally, it seemed that the stunning, crystal clear waters surrounding us caused me to break out into crazy hives until I had to go on a Benadryl diet and then just stay out of the water. That made me sad because the water was almost HOT, and so, so, so pleasant to just float in for hours.

But we had the pool, which had shade, a bar on hand, and spent our week chatting with the other folks staying in our summer camp. We made some really lovely connections with couples who were celebrating just being married, having been married 20, 30, and 45 years! The days were spent have long breakfasts, long lunches, long happy hours, long dinners just shooting the shit with people of every age from every country enjoying the art of quality chatting and quality time.

We came home in love. I know, disgusting, be we did. I was a little nervous because Fiji was our first trip alone together, EVER, and I wasn’t sure how we would fair. But we found that in each other’s company we have the same relaxation interests, love to kick the proverbial shit out of each other in Cribbage, and have a great love to lounging. It was a really, really, really lovely trip.

And then 12 hours after we got home, Roy tore his Achilles Tendon and will be in a cast for the next year.

…yah…no biggie.

So, now it’s “CL, can you get me a Coors Light?”, with a “Yes, dear” for the next few months. YAY.

Hope you all had a nice Easter…
















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