Detested by All….Car Shopping


(My baby….)

I’m so bummed. SOOOOO bummed. I feel as though I’ve already come through the evil process which is buying a car 4 years ago and now having to do it all over again makes me want to burn all car malls to the ground. TO THE GROUND!

The problem firstly, is finding the car you want to sit, eat, sing, fight, sleep, etc. in for years to come. So you can’t be hasty or too quick on the draw. You spend hours doing cost comparisons for gas mileage between a hideous Prius versus the speedy Mazda 3. (And can I just say for whatever record is recording my thoughts and feelings (HA!) that I cannot understand why ALL hybrids are so hideously designed. I get it that it’s for aerodynamics or whatever, but REALLY?!?! They are so ugly I’d almost rather pay more money to just look cooler in a better body type vehicle. First world problems, I know…).



You stress out on whether it’s better to have leather or cloth, sunroof or heat seats, manual versus automatic transmission….AHHHHHH!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!

But you must continue onwards…

So now you spend eons of non-available time finding the location (within the parameters of 25, 50, 75 and 100 miles for your posted zip code, thanks of the model/year of the car you want, which you then have to commute out to see. If you hate it, that’s ONE DAY of your already overbooked weekend goooonnnnneeee. If you love it, well, now comes the interesting part; Bargaining.

I love to bargain. I love to haggle. I’ve been called a berber, a shark, cut-throat, cheap…you name it, someone in some language has thrown it in my direction. But I like a good deal. I like both parties to walk away happy after having exchanged goods for currency. I like to think of myself as a pragmatist.

But when it comes to cars, you just LOSE every time you play this game with a car salesman. (Read this article on how salespeople f-you and then you can feel as badly as I do right now: And I hate it. I hate losing. I want the car cheaper. I want more value for my trade in. I want upgrades, I want covered maintenance. I need new tires, spotless car mats, and car washes for a year. I want too much. And salespeople are prepared to give me too little. This is when the process really and truly stops being fun.

To me, it’s a lot of money down the drain for a piece of metal that is only going to cost you MORE as the years pass. Eww. That’s no fun. But we live in California, we commute for fun(!) let alone just to get to work and home. So a car is a necessity that I personally can’t live without.

So I have to tough out the months of searching, commuting, test driving, haggling, stalking, haggling again, until finally, FINALLY, I may have a new car to run into the ground. Oh, Joy.


(The “family” car)


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