Countdown to Yuppie-Ville; 0 to 60 in 10.9 Minutes

As gently as a mist broken up by the morning sun, I had a realization on my drive to work today.

I am a true yuppie. Yah, like…a YOLO, yuppie.

Why? Oh, because I went out last night after attending a wedding, and just, you know, bought a Prius. I know each of you puked just now a tiny bit into your mouths, but there were actual reasons for this decision…I just wish I didn’t have them.

Being an adult, I purchased an economical Prius for my commute from Marin to Berkeley (amidst all of the other Prius’ on the road), in the hopes of saving the environment, my pocket book, and whatever else people tell themselves to make such an outlandish, and sickening, purchase. I literally had my eye on a few different cars; ones with girth and personality (like someone I know???), with style and grace…and then settled on a Prius.

And honestly, people who say that car shopping is fun are not right in the head. To me, this was one of the most horrendous activities I have yet to tackle in my life. Dropping such a fat wad of cash should always be amazingly fund and yet so many hours spent working out APR percentages, color combinations, loan financing, service options, all made the more spicy with the addition of fighting and tears, I left a pooped out mess. I didn’t buy a house, didn’t pay off a school degree…nope, I bought a car. And this to me begins the ridiculousness which is purchasing an automobile.

But then I started to see the humor and good sense in it all. I’m a married woman who has to make adult decisions based on logic and realism. I WANT 50 MILES TO A GALLON, not 28 (suckers!). I WANT SAVINGS TO MY BANK ACCOUNT, more than I want to look cool. I want a car that doesn’t break down, have an issue every year, or make my life have one more complication….I want a simple, eco, consistent automobile.

So, I’ll give up looking bad-ass in my manual Mazda, or some massive monster truck and just putt-putt along in my new little navy dingle berry and be happy that it can basically drive itself and I can have a road soda. Happy 4th Everyone!





One thought on “Countdown to Yuppie-Ville; 0 to 60 in 10.9 Minutes

  1. You are so cute. You will love driving a sports car!!! I am having a ball, the kids are great and everyone is so relaxed.. Today is Scott’s birthday so lobster and crab tonight at home!,, Their house is finished and looks great but what bugs that bite but cooler than you guys. Miss you. Mom

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