Blue and Gold is the New Orange

Well people, the news is that I’m OFF PROBABTION and now permanent at Berkeley, with no (great) fear of being fired unless I do some HORRENDOUS activity that can’t be explained by being too high, too hippy, or too lax.


But what does this really mean, you ask? How are YOU affected by this change in status?

Number 1: Once you are trusted, the level of micromanaging gets reduced by a few different means and some perks pop up here and there:

a) I no longer have to BCC my supervisor on every, single email that leaves my outbox. That could be up to 50 emails a day that someone else has to review and then send back notes on how I can improve in different areas of the email content. That can tiresome for both parties. Now I can just write, “bai’ohvanciodyranvlkh’ahufiadhsbjfn” and no one (but the recipient, I suppose) can say, “HEY! That’s just garbled writing! Stop!”.

b) I can leave work when it’s time, or come when it’s time, as long as my tasks are completed, I don’t have anything past due, I’m not causing trouble around campus or just being mean, I don’t have to check in every fifteen minutes to update someone with what I’m doing.

c) Requesting a flex day or a 4-40 week. I commute. I always have. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t LOVE to have a day one a week to work from home or a schedule that will allow for a day off of work IN THE WEEK, where if one needed to do something during business hours, it would be possible.

d) Pension. If I now stay in Berkeley for the next 27 YEARS (no, that number is not a typo, 27+33=60 years old) I get something that they call a “pension” where I get paid every year until I die my last salary amount. Why freak out about my IRA or a retirement fund when I could just stay in ONE location for the majority of my adult life to work until I’m OLD…nope, that’s not scary at all.

With this major reduction in stress and pressure, I see myself becoming a calm, quiet woman, who knits furiously, and bakes strudels in her socks and sweatpants. I see myself being patient with the idiot drivers, ridiculous frenemies, hard core pessimists, cranky relationships, and fat girl days. This basically means, I MAY BE NICER TO YOU ON A REGULAR BASIS!!! Wowza…doesn’t that feel great?!?!

Now what I mostly feel at this moment (and forgive me for the pissing off that’s about to ensue), is that I’m SO PROUD of myself for now having kept two desk jobs in an area that I’ve never studied (finance) for long enough to look solid to my employers and have a nice spot on my ol’ resume. Even though my eyes are always looking for a prize somewhere else, it’s a feeling of accomplishment to me that I’ve come this far (in such an old direction) that there is once again security in my career, and I look/feel like hot poop.

So, now I just have 26.5 years left to go before I can retire and go into the Peace Corp at 60 years old, and do what I was born to do, H.E.L.P. others directly. Seems right and true and fair. And to really celebrate my success, I’m going to buy myself a piece of Blue and Gold Cal apparel to sport around, not because I went to school here, but because I’m STAFF. At least…that’s what my ID says….



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