It’s All About The LUV

There is almost nothing that I love more than love. Almost nothing. There is something so magical and reality-defying to love that makes for a euphoric ride, for both those IN LOVE and those near the offending couple.

But, I say offending because there is almost nothing more annoying than a brand new couple, complete with constant kissing and touching, irritating nicknames (ie: Babe, baby, boo boo, honey, lover lips, sunshine, Kiki, etc, etc), finishing each other’s sentences, drama, drama and more drama.

However, love is incredible and special and when it happens to those that you love nearly and dearly, it’s even more fantastic. This was the case for my family, which has now welcomed in a new member, and we had the opportunity to share in their joy when they came out for a visit. Then we got to spoil them rotten (you know, before they realize marriage is HARD and thief partner doesn’t actually poo gold).

To my dear friend for his engagement, congratulations!!! You are twice as awesome now as you were before, and we love you both to the ends of the earth and beyond. Good luck and safe travels!!,









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