Something Amazing Happened

Some of you may know that I once, a long long time ago, went to a school in England to receive a Master’s Degree in War Studies.

Yup, War Studies.

And even though now I know that getting this degree might have been super bizarre and a useless thing to do, for some reason (I’ll get back to this…) I’m obsessed with war and the effects that it has on our world. So, I studied it. But that doesn’t mean anything, really.

However, now some people now take me for a war monger, NOT TRUE.

Some people take me for a War genius, testing me all the time to see how much I know about war (history, psychology, strategy….). NO GENIUS HERE.

Some people think I should have been in the military…and I think I would have been a damned good solider. This I KNOW.

But I was too scared to do it.

I felt like I couldn’t be micromanaged down to my brass tacks to be brought back up in a different way. I was too into myself to do that. But I always wondered what it would have been like to go to boot camp, get assigned someplace and then do my job the best I’ve ever done it in protecting of my country.

Now that, I understand. Doing a good job that matters.

You see, I’ve lived in a LOT of locations around the world. And I’ve had more conversations about different governments, politics, militaries, drafts, fighting, global relationships with international folks than I can remember. This, people, is REALLY interesting in terms of perspective and thought. We all think so differently about policing globally, and it’s these differences that have shaped my own views of war, defense and the military.

So, I suppose you could say that I have a soft spot for the subject.

In fact, I’ve got some pride.

My Father was in the Airforce, a WWII veteran, a POW for 1 year in Germany, and a truly wonderful man who had seen much in his life and had learned to take nothing too seriously. His experience has me proud because of his great sacrifice; the sacrifice to serve in the military, risk your life, defend and protect your country, for not a lot in return. It’s a huge decision, one that affects everything else in your life.

So, when my 21 year old nephew informed us a few months ago that he was also enlisting into the Airforce, I was pretty overwhelmed.

On the one hand, the FIRST hand, I was scared.

Having studied modern warfare, serving your country has taken on a whole new meaning and intensity in the last 50 years. I don’t even know how we’re fighting wars anymore, and the further I get from that knowledge, the less I feel comfortable in the means of our actions.

But he is my sweet nephew, my FIRST nephew, and there is no ceiling to the amount that he is loved by me and our entire family.

So yah, I am scared for him.

But also, I felt SO INVIGORATED!! What excitement, what change, what advancement, what experiences, what growth, what movement, what intensity, how awakening, how maturing, how different?! His life has now forever been dramatically altered, and for this change, I couldn’t be happier or more proud of him.

I am always inspired by change and progress. The bigger the difference from point A to point B, the more I’m a believer. Maybe that’s what I’ve learned about war – the change that comes from something huge: progression; development; reawakening.

He has now graduated, if you will, from 6 weeks in Boot Camp in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS IN JULY (good LORD, that sounds horrendous) and has now been relocated to Biloxi, Mississippi to begin training in his field, which I think is intel (takes after his Aunty!!). I didn’t get to go to the graduation (stupid work!) but I was sent TONS of pictures, which I wanted to share because my little boy is SUCH a man now, you can see it in all the photos. It’s heartbreaking to know that he’s going to be gone from us for 6 years, that when he comes back he’ll be old…(not like 34 old, but old – I’ll post about my birthday soon…), matured, and different. My sisters said this new path looks great on him, he wears it well, and knowing Travis myself, I have no doubt he will rise quickly through the ranks as this may be what he was always born to do.

But he’ll always be our Trav-Man, chubbiest baby on earth, wearing the farm animals onesie like a champion!!!!

We love you T, so much. Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!!! Xxxx










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