If You Matter to You, This May Be a Life Changer

Often times, we just don’t think we need help.

We think, “I’m stronger than this”, or “Everyone else deals with the same thing, so can I”.

Yah WAKE UP CALL!!!, We’re not identical robots, each programmed for excellence, with an off switch that we use to power down when necessary(…although I do have some questions concerning AI, but I guess that’s for a different post).

Sometimes we just feel plain overwhelmed, under represented, unsure, unhealthy, lost, scared, frustrated, and DONE! Pity-party, ensue!

However, I’ve learned the hard way that burying your head in the sand or going back to bed just doesn’t work in real life. We have obligations, responsibilities, duties, loyalties, ties, and they ALL bind us to one thing or another. So what do you do when you feel that you’ve reached the end of your rope?

….You look for help….or you should.

Maybe it’s going back to the gym to take control of your health, or decide that the job you have does NOTHING for your overall joy and find something else. Maybe it’s calling a friend for guidance, or cutting out vices that we ALWAYS knew were bad for us.

But maybe we need more. And people, it’s OK to need more.

In fact, there are other people around us who have studied and trained on how to offer MORE to those of us who feel they are losing the good fight. They offer a perspective unique and individual as the person in need. Whether this is a trainer, counselor, nutritionist, guru, midwife, or other, they have insight and knowledge to share so that you can make your life BETTER.

How would you feel to somehow get a lifeline right when you needed it the most? I imagine you’d feel grateful. I imagine you would feel saved.

So, I want to introduce to someone who I believe is offering the type of guidance, thoughts, and ideas that can CHANGE LIVES. That can offer perspective towards a much bigger picture. To remind us why we like ourselves and how to get back that familiar love we can have for ourselves.

Check out THE REAL DIG, a holistic blog and website by one of my dearest soul sisters, Jocie Van Ruesen.

Here’s what she has to say:

Hey there Ho there! 

I’m Jocie Vortmann Van Reusen. That’s a mouthful, so just call me Jocie. I’m really excited you are here!  The REAL Dig is a place to get real about who we are and who we want to be. It’s a place to learn, laugh, and share what’s real for each of us on the journey toward ourselves. Please come in, make yourself at home, grab a drink, stay a while and DIG IN.

Some of you are wondering what I mean when I say “dig in”? Let me explain…

So, we all go through life accumulating stuff. I’m not talking about your trinket collection in the cupboard. I’m talking about the collection of crap that you don’t know (or maybe you do know) you’ve been carrying around with you everywhere you go. It comes from all sorts of places – family, teachers, friends, work, society – you name it, it can come from there. And somewhere along the way, we innocently agreed to carry this crap around and tell ourselves all sorts of stories about it. So, Doing the Dig is the journey within to sort through the weeds and find our well of healing – because it’s there, people. It’s always been there!!

This little creation is my real down and dirty passion. My bookshelves are littered with self-help books, psychology text books, and medical books that I (wait for it….) read for pleasure. Yes. I do. I loved psychology so much I studied it in graduate school. I read a novel, maybe, once a year. My husband thinks this is obsessive. My friends actually like it. They were the real impetus to this blog. They would ask me questions about what green products to use, how to meditate, relationship issues, what foods to eat, and what I really think about x,y and z. They encouraged me to take my coaching business online and open up the conversation, especially since there’s almost no topic I will shy away from!

I have likely been where you are. I know the pain of not being on the path that you feel is truly yours. My own health struggles with anxiety, depression, and lyme disease propelled me into the alternative healing world – far into it. I was in so deep (in a good way!) that I realized most people don’t know of or have access to the many avenues of healing that are out there, largely because of time, cost and limited practitioners/teachers. From the food we eat to the stories we tell ourselves, it all works together to create the life we are living. So, I’m pretty fired up on how connecting to ourselves can inform our truest healing and lead to preventing disease and creating more balance and joy in our lives. I dig in every day to do this myself, so you are not alone and I want to show you the lessons I have learned along the way. We are all in this together! 

So that’s just a bit about me. I hope you get to know me more through the blog and that you’ll join me one-on-one for an individualized experience where it’s all about you!

Dig in and enjoy! And don’t be afraid to reach out and ask me something! Connection makes the world go round! I would love to hear from you.

I truly wish all good things for you!

Much Love,


I hope you check out her blog for yourself if you think EVEN FOR A MINUTE you may need some direction in your own life. Or that a friend may need a helping hand, and you can send them the link to Jocie’s page as a thoughtful, supportive step. Whatever stage you’re in, if you’re ready to own your own life, check out what you can do to make that happen.

Be healthy, people! xxxxx








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