Another Goop Steal – 15 Minute Workout.

Just even watching this makes my butt and arms hurt, but I’m all about getting a quick full body work out and I have NO SHAME when it comes to getting one in.

I’ve been debating programs like T25 Insanity, and I already have Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30, because I do believe shocking your body through different workouts IS KEY. And getting that kind of workout experience in less than a half hour is almost too good to be true. I’ve even switched out my desk chair for one of those RIDICULOUS fitness balls, to try and work my core throughout the day. If I have to sit on my ass all day, I might as well be doing something to keep it TIGHT.


I’ve also been trying to cut down on sugar in the foods that I eat, which I feel like has helped take off 4-5 pounds. But what I realize is that being fit and healthy is an EVERYDAY, ALL DAY, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE endeavor. So, you have to change the way you see health and weight loss.

I do NOT do crash diets because I’m a temperamental bi-otch as it is, so I have to find a way to stay full and eat well. I’ve found that the 6 small meals per day is the BEST chance I have.

But it’s a pain in the fat ass to do. Literally, I have to go to the store on a Sunday, and buy:


cottage cheese

eggs (2 dozen)

frozen chicken breasts


salad mixes

frozen broccoli, green bean, and brussel sprouts


fresh berries (for late night dessert snacks…I have SUCH a sweet tooth)

When I get home, I have to boil one dozen eggs, and (have Roy…he’s the best meat cook) grill up 10-12 small chicken breasts. THIS IS FOOD FOR BREAKFAST AND LUNCHES ONLY.  And because I stick to what I know to keep myself on track (literally, I ate soup for TWO YEARS at my last job) I make up pretty much the same meal everyday to take to work.

This path has helped.

But what about getting in my workout and eating a healthy dinner? This is where I start to lose it.

At this point, I think of something I read about Michelle Obama who said that only way she can get in a workout during her day is to get up at 4AM to do it. DAMN GIRL, that is EAR-LY. But then again, look at her body, she’s FIT. So she makes certain sacrifices to look the way she does, and more importantly, makes those sacrifices so that she can feel the way she feels. There is NOTHING BETTER than feeling like you look good. Being able to jog around with the dog, hike up a big mountain, ride bikes on holiday at Catalina Island – those little actions make a huge difference when you can do them without being winded or jiggly.

So, you have to jostle around your schedule. You have to MAKE time. Walk/jog the dog. Walk/jog the baby. Walk/jog the husband/wife. If you worked out 30 HARD minutes, 5 times a week, you’d see a difference. Don’t make excuses to me.

And as for dinner…I have 0 suggestions. I get home from work and I want a beer and tacos. Or wine and spaghetti. Or champagne and more champagne (HEY! Some people agree that this IS considered a square meal). I’m tired (from working and working out), still need to get in a cello practice and take the dog out – HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE A HEALTHY MEAL???

I guess the only solution I can think of is BULK dinners. Like making one tasty, healthy meal go for two days. Make steak and brussel sprouts on day 1, and make stir fry with steak, veg, and quinoa for day 2. Make fish day 1, make fish curry day 2. But still, even knowing that this is what I should do…I still don’t. Like I said, a shot of tequilla, a Negra Modelo and nachos are the hot ticket…not fish and vegetables. (sad face).

But some days I can eat nachos and others I’ll eat quinoa and kale. It’s about BALANCE. Like I’ve been harping on here for…well, forever…everything worth while take time to establish and will create a deep seeded sense of balance.


While you’re bored at your desk today (I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING) look up quick healthy dinner recipes. Plan out a weekly shopping list. Read this blog for good ideas. Get your shit together, already!!!

Have a great weekend. xxxx


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