Wow…Surprises ARE Surprising…This Made Today

From my Team Lead to Management…this feels really good.

I would like to send out a quick recognition for Cara Lyn’s recent efforts in submitting a huge proposal to NSF. Within one month, she successfully submitted 3 proposals, two of which were subawardees.

Why is this a big deal? Because these were Cara Lyn’s first proposals and they were very complex. She spent extra hours during the week and weekend completing documents, communicating with subawardees/SPO to make sure she covered all boundaries. This was definitely a task that kept her up at night because she was so ambitious to successfully submit it. RAs like Cara Lyn make it much easier for management to be rest assured that they are in great hands. Thank you Cara Lyn for your hard work and perseverance. You made it!

Have a great week! 


3 thoughts on “Wow…Surprises ARE Surprising…This Made Today

  1. How totally awesome! You deserved to be recognized for all your hard work. Great job love:)

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  2. Follow up from my Supervisor: (too funny….)

    SPOTTED: Two awesome RAs working together to manage a difficult proposal submission process

    Cara Lyn G and Harp R were seen working together to submit 3 NSF MSIP proposals through FastLane. CLG studied the solicitation and made very detailed tables to track all the components needed by UCB as well as the myriad of subawardees for each proposal. HR was caught reviewing CLG’s budgets and justifications and helping her troubleshoot problems. They both were rumored to have worked patiently with SPO, despite all the delays from that office.

    CLG submitted one proposal well in advance of the 5-day SPO deadline to allow for plenty of time to make changes and because she would be out of the office on sponsor deadline day. SPO did not get back to her until the 6th or 7th day after that. On the day before the sponsor deadline, while trying to make her afternoon flight to LA to sign a movie deal, CLG still had not heard back from SPO. CLG worked with HR, and made sure that all the files were on the server, so that HR could make any needed changes while she was away. SPO did not provide notes on the proposal until 11:52 pm that night! HR and CLG worked hard all weekend to incorporate the changes and resubmit to SPO. Finally, SPO submitted the proposal at 4:57 pm on the due date! The due time was 5:00 pm!

    independent research
    time management
    keeping things on the server

    Way to go! It’s great to have such awesome celebrities so close to us in CSS. I can’t believe I breathe the same air as they! Who will be featured in the next celebrity sighting? It could be YOU!


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