What’s Really Wrong With Being on Permanent Spring Break???

It was another amazing trip to LA. But this time, it was even more amazing than usual. To be fair, there were less of our friends to see (DAMN YOU, ST. LOUIS!!), and both my liver and bank accounts won’t recover quickly, but even with those hurdles – WOW LA!

Firstly, you just can’t beat the weather down South. When it’s glorious, it’s BEYOND glorious. Like Pretty Woman meets LA Story meets Beverly Hills Cop. It feels like you SHOULD see movie stars on every corner, sitting outside hipster coffee shops, and trendy microbreweries because honestly, you couldn’t be anywhere but outside with such fantastic weather. And being outside with all the “cool kids” of LA makes you want to stay there longer…like buying drinks to just hold onto your table in the sun. Make the dream happen, however you can.

And you have to be dressed to impress, even when you’re dressing down. That’s just LA. I was mentioning to my homie that I get the LA hipster/couture vibe. It makes sense down there. Tattoo’s under sundresses with metal studded boots or cute ballet flats.

Like the mix of hard and soft, the melding of whatever you want to be, and in LA that’s COOL to do. We talk about getting “LA Ready” meaning you need to look good, but not like you tried, but with nothing truly out of place, because we’re impressing…well, everyone there.

Why? Because everyone is looking at everyone. Men to women to women to men to kids to parents to everyone. Even the children look awesome! Seriously, too cute all the mini models walking around. It’s incredible.

And in between spending days just people watching, you get the bonus of doing in from totally different areas, nestled all over LA, like treasures just waiting to be discovered. My best friend has been down in LA for 14 years or something crazy, and EVERY TIME I come to see her, she’s taking me to some place new and super cool that I would have NEVER found on my own. Like, secret cool kids clubs that only people in the “know”…know.

But there’s also that activities that everyone does, cool or not.


We spent our Saturday afternoon at a gorgeous hotel pool where we ordered cocktails, swam lazily and were all involved in the hub bub of action from socialites to families alike. It is its own motion – like we see that this style of living exists in movies and TV and then we make it happen to “go with the flow”.

I want to live the life. So, I pretend that I do.

But what if we just keep pretending and pretending?

Like Spring Break will never end, nor does it have to.

That’s when it just doesn’t feel real anymore, but mostly because it’s not. It suddenly occurred to me while I was sitting in the Hollywood Bowl at sunset, getting ready for Earth Wind and Fire to rock my socks off, drinking wine, eating cheese, having a great time, that because this life seems so perfect, therefore it must NOT be.

I mean, how can it be?

I think people either love or hate LA because of this very reason. It either IS the life, or it’s a substitute for something else. And both work because they’re both true. I feel like a star when I’m in LA. I feel rich, attractive, smug, tough, free.

What’s wrong with these things? Why would I feel badly for living this kind of life?

I have no answer.


“Why” is a GREAT question, but then the next ones to follow have to be: Can I afford it? Does it make me happy? What are my end goals? Will this get old? Am I already too old?

I feel like I personally struggle quite hard to make it work up here in the North, and to be quite suddenly confronted with such a (dare I say it) refreshing change of atmosphere down in LALA, it makes me wonder if I could just pick up and make a huge relocation to try and live a different life.

Yah…the follow up is a bitch, I know.

But all in all, LA was tremendous, and I give it and my peeps down there a lot of credit for making “it” work when god knows so many people just can’t, me included. I guess I have to find my permanent spring break (whatever that means) because the idea is right…now I just have to find the place.









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