The Power of a Buck

I hate that I’ve been absent from this for so long. The truth really is that I’m scared to write because then it makes everything to real, and reality is a freakish bitch.

But a lot has been happening: some good, some bad, some who knows??? And in all of my musings, self-sabotaging, consoling, scrambling, dodging, promoting, etc. a very valuable piece of information fell into my lap in a moment when all the whirling had come to a rest and I was calm.

The power of a buck.

If you read this almost ever, you’ll normally hear my bitching about money. Having come from money and then not having it for a while, you may have forgotten how powerful the almighty dollar really is. When you have money, what’s it really to throw down $500 on leather leggings when they make your ass look SOOOO F-ING GOOD!!!???? EVERY WOMAN NEEDS LEATHER LEGGINGS!!! But when you don’t have any available dosh coming in, every single dollar gets mentally or actually spent down on things that do matter…food, rent, gas, insurance, yadda yadda.

And where I felt the penny pinching hurt me the most deeply was how if affectied my traveling routine. Or at this point, lack of traveling routine. Who can jaunt off to someplace amazing (or not amazing, I like ‘em both, people) when there’s not enough money to get through the month? Let’s not be selfish here. When it comes to necessities, traveling just doesn’t seem to be one of them.


I suppose I owe all of this knowledge to my last trip taken. I went to a NEW LOCATION, one filled with mystery and intrigue, sights and sounds, but mostly, with folks I love, love, love.

And I say, who needs the golden arches when St. Louis, Missouri has THE ARCH!

To say the least, I had forgotten what power there was in a trip to the airport, a ride on a plane, and a pick up from an old friend on the other side. Let me just be clear on this point; there is NOTHING better than that winning combination.

And that was my experience when I decided that I need to use the POWER OF THE BUCK to get me out to St. Louis where my dear friends from college had moved to raise their son with his cousins and relatives, a perfect move for their successful and happy future.

I braved the airport, which has a different feel when it’s domestic travel versus international. Almost like it doesn’t matter as much, so the pomp and circumstances has died down to cancelled flights, fights with the check in staff, and extra money shelled out for everything and anything.

And as I do when I fly, I immediately passed out upon take off, and woke up to St. Louis in the rain.

But no fear, dear readers, I wasn’t upset. I had a ride waiting for me.

And so began my three short but fantastic days that I got to spend with my homies, where we saw some sights, carved pumpkins, made AMAZING ribs, had a BIG night of “it’, and met some really lovely people. Spending time with the little one was so perfect, as well. The thing about being a tiny person is that the next time I see this one, EVERYTHING will be different. Like this trip, the tiny, was walking, talking, and had his own amazing personality. And I, winning him over in time, got the name “Car-Car” for my efforts.

Before I knew it, I was preparing to leave St. Louis, with its southern charm and modern feel, to get back on the train in the sky back home. And in addition to my few knick-knacks that I purchased as souvenirs, I knew more importantly that I was bringing back something that would last with me forever.

The POWER OF THE BUCK. For what I worried about in terms of the plane ticket and where else I could spend that money, I got back in a better, version of myself. Spending quality time with my people, and the future generations of my bubble, gave me back a part of myself that can get lost amongst the busy hours spent working, practicing, rushing, doing, and being. I was reminded of the bonds that were built before the 9-5s, babies, and BS. The time that went into cultivating and nurturing a family not from your own blood, that laughed, cried, and understood you better than you could ever hope or imagined.

And when I landed back in SFO, I felt that strength and power in my every step and action, reminding me why I am the way I am and who I hope to be for the rest of my life.

So, my advice for all y’all today is: spend that money. Spend it on the things that REALLY, REALLY matter to you. Take the time to touch base with all things that are monumental and true to your being, and appreciate what the power of that buck has brought to your life. Whether it’s for that class you have always been meaning to take, the friends you desperately want to see, or that trip that can change your life, spending the dosh in the right way can move your mountain and show you the sky.








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