The Bay Area is a very special place.

We all know that it has beautiful sights to see, and dramatic landscapes to Instagram, but there’s also so much to do! And for a person who doesn’t really like to go out or explore, even I can’t escape all of the awesome tthingymybobs that exists in the BA.

And last week I did it up REAL GOOD.

Firstly I rocked into San Francisco on Friday night with my person to watch a series of short plays called “Twisted Fairy Tales”, which takes the usual, sweet stories we all remember from our youth, and completely turns them on their heads. Prince Charming running away with the stable boy, fairy godmothers trying to pass their godmother’s test, and little red riding hood who can give the  wolf more pleasure than pain. It was HILARIOUS, and attending in a super small theater that sells alcohol, what a fun night to have! A coworker had written one of the skits, so it was my pleasure to support him, as well.

I’m a giver…

The next night, it was back to the City, this time with my Mom who accompanied me to see the San Francisco Ballet preform the “Rite of Spring” which was a bucket list item for her. I obviously must have missed something because, minus thinking the costumes were bizarre, and the music awesome, there was apparently a deep seeded message about our environment, gender roles, and the changing of our world. Imagine the scenario: after various primitive rituals celebrating the advent of spring (think lifting shirts over their heads to symbolize something again and again), a young girl is chosen as a sacrificial victim and dances herself to death…yah, sucks to be her. 

But my Mom was so chuffed to be apart of this moment, which came as a great joy to me (I like to make people happy, don’t let anyone tell you differently). And it WAS all so stunning, the costumes, the music, MY GOD WE HAVE IT GOOD, we chanted leaving the opera hall.

And I am REALLY lucky enough to have friends that know how much I love music, and who think of me when an extra ticket, for say The Pet Shop Boys, falls into their lap (!!!!!!!!!).

So, last Tuesday, after a somewhat HORRENDOUS day at work with more fires than extinguishers, I ran to boxing and then hauled my sweaty self  (so disgusting…I’m sorry to everyone I came into contact with) to the beyond epic and gorgeous Fox Theater in Oakland, where I witnessed one of the best shows

I’ve loved the Pet Shop Boys since high school when New Order, The Cure, Erasure, and Blur were my bands of choice. I loved them before I knew that they had a message and a POV, before I knew their ages, or what effect their music would have for fans worldwide. I just knew that they sound catchy tunes, with fun laser shows, and crazy costumes.

But seeing them last night brought back years to my memory and a life force to my self. I did my best to dance like a teenager, sing along to their awesomeness, and show that I can still GIVE IT SOME, when necessary.

Here’s a snippet of my favorite song from last night (no, I wasn’t at the Russia show, it’s just the video of their stage show)

I guess my point of all of this bragging is to say that there must be good stuff for people to engage all over the world, so go to things. Go to as many of the things that you can to get you culture, education, and dance on.


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