My New Favorite Thing

THINGS I LOVE: and I do have a running list.

But high, high, HIGH on that list is that I love good music. In fact, I’ll call it HELLA GOOD music, if I can go all Cailfornian style on you. So, when something delicious falls into my lap, I have to, want to, need to share it so that you can have a better day, month, year. If you hear it first without seeing the band, you get one juicy vibe. But once you watch the videos, I think you can only fall in love THAT. MUCH. MORE.

Because one of things that makes music so special is it comes from the heart, not from anywhere else. At least not good music. And with one listen to this band, I felt like good music is still around and kicking.

Please enjoy, for all our sakes.



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