Three Times The Charm

Hello all,

Today seems like a great day to write a little love letter to my husband on our third wedding anniversary. Enjoy…or vomit.

Dearest Roy,

Today feels sweeter than most anniversaries. More special, somehow. Like we’ve had a monumental year or something. And it seems that this year I want to truly celebrate our union, our friendship, and our successes. We’ve had a love story very much like no other – where sometimes I just couldn’t see the forest through the trees or the love within everything else. I have had great doubts, which I shared far too liberally and casually, not realizing at the time how giving energy to a negative seed could blanket my eyes to what marriage could be for us.

But you remained steadfast in your love for me. From the very beginning, it always felt like you knew in some ancient wisdom way that we were a good team, that we would love each other fiercely, and that once we could settle our Korean-Italian stubbornness, we would wake up to peace and joy in each other’s eyes.

I’m now a convert to this weird entity called marriage. I get it. I like it. It is starting to make sense to me. Being your partner through the amazing joys of parenthood, and the lows of real life, have bonded us in a way that is so dear and true to me, that I can’t imagine knowing any other existance. Evelyn is merely the product of what good we can have on each other, and in the world as a whole. She reflects everything I deeply adore about you, and to watch the two of your together, fills my heart with so much raw emotion, I feel like I can’t contain my happiness.

Thank you for being my husband and my favorite DILF ever! I love you so much, it’s just gross.

Happy Anniversary (and here’s to many, many more).





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