My Friends Speak My Truth

I appreciate the Polyannas of the world trying to steer clear of the “carnage” and be all happy playing their “glad games”. 

Do you. 
However, I would not be ME if I just “tried to focus on the good” or posted “happy little things” right now. The best I can muster is to give the goodness to my son and the kids around me. The rest of it is a full blown roller coaster of rage and tears. Sorry not sorry. I am so disgusted by all of this I find myself swallowing that lump that forms in your throat when you try to hold in crying. It’s not OK. I don’t want to be silly or go out to dinners or even listen to music. I want to be informed and figure out how the fuck to stop this. 

Please don’t tell me “if you’re upset then they are winning”…NO. 

I’m upset because radical oppression of Basic Human Rights are being oppressed and I won’t be on the wrong side of this by just being glib or twee. 

It’s not a “media frenzy”…it’s sickening and disturbing illegal and un-American actions that are being taken by some seriously sick and oppressive men. Trump/Bannon/Pence are all sick sick units. They want to conduct illegal business practices, ethnically cleanse and fry homosexuals brains…literally…not figuratively. 

So no…I reserve the laughter and silly for the kids. You all are gonna get full on Feminist Freedom Fighter until this bullshit stops. I might even grow out my armpit hair and stop plucking my chin hairs…not sure yet. I might exclusively wear cameo print. I might start donning a black military beret in public…I might be all sorts of Patty Fucking Hearst…because who I am is not someone who stands one the sidelines and watches humanity take the bullet train to Hades. So feel free to unfollow. 



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